How to take part in OCC Day Services and Carers Consultations

Information about day time support consultation - begins 1st November 2016- Source OCC website

Daytime Support Consultation
Ends: 20 Dec 2016

You will be able to respond to this consultation when it is launched on the 1st November 2016.
We have carried out a review of daytime support for people aged over 18 in Oxfordshire. The review focused on understanding the needs of vulnerable people for daytime support, specifically support to meet eligible care needs and support that prevents care needs escalating. Its purpose was to help the council to develop future options for daytime support that meet people’s needs, and the council’s statutory responsibilities, within the current financial resources.

The review started in March 2016 and covered voluntary and community provided daytime support, health and wellbeing centres, learning disability daytime support services, and their associated transport arrangements. This support is currently used by about 2,000 people in Oxfordshire. The review is linked to the review of respite services and the Oxfordshire carers’ strategy and carers’ personal budgets review.

In developing our understanding of the needs for daytime support in Oxfordshire, we have listened to over 600 people who use daytime support, their carers, as well as providers of care and support, and community groups.

Public Consultation

We will be launching a public consultation with proposed options for daytime support on Tuesday 1 November at 9am until 9am on Tuesday 20 December 2016. A recommendation on the county council’s future of daytime support and approach to delivering this will be made by Cabinet in January 2017, for a final decision by Council in February 2017.

As part of the consultation we will talk to a range of stakeholders who may be impacted by the proposals, including people who use daytime support and their family and friends who care for them, volunteers and faith and community groups, staff who work in services, voluntary and private sector providers of care and support, and our statutory partners: district, town, and parish councils and NHS commissioners and providers.

We have organised three workshops during November for carers and people who use daytime support, both funded and not funded by the County Council and also other organisations who may wish to contribute to the consultation, including volunteer, faith and community groups. These will be taking place in the following venues:

Monday 21st November
Didcot Civic Hall
10.30am – 12.30pm

Tuesday 22nd November
West Oxford Community Centre
12.30pm – 2.30pm

Wednesday 23rd November
Banbury Town Hall
12.30pm – 2.30pm

Please call or e-mail the contact details below to book a place at these workshops. If anyone needs assistance or support to attend please give us a call on the number below.

Have your say about the future model for daytime support across Oxfordshire

The council wants to know what people think about its proposals for daytime support in Oxfordshire.
Supporting documentation, together with the online questionnaire can be found on this page once the consultation has launched at 9am on Tuesday 1st November.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Daytime Support Team at or call 01865 323410.

Oxfordshire Carers’ Strategy and Carers’ Personal Budgets Consultation
We have extended the Oxfordshire Carers’ Strategy and Carers’ Personal Budgets Consultation to 28th November 2016 so that there is one month overlap with the Daytime Support consultation.