Hundreds of pounds on offer to support Oxfordshire careworkers

The Care Workers Charity - hardship fund

The hardship fund was set up last spring, offering quick financial support to people working in Oxfordshire’s care sector. It has paid out more than £260,000 to over 440 people and there are still funds available for people working in Oxfordshire’s care sector who need additional financial support.

In response to the increased cost of living, the maximum individual funding allowance has now been increased to £750 for requests made by 31 March 2023.

The grant has recently been expanded to include people starting their career in the industry, helping them to find their feet by removing the initial financial hurdles they may encounter, including contributions towards housing and transport costs.

Care workers can also apply for a reimbursement in paying for their Blue Light Card – a system which provides everyday discounts for people working in social care, as well as the emergency services.

The fund can help with a range of costs, from essential living expenses to payments supporting health and wellbeing or promoting independence. Most successful applications take only two weeks for the money to be transferred into people’s bank accounts.

For more information and to apply, go to