Improving the well-being of young children with learning disabilities: A Parent's Guide - Cerebra

Cerebra are looking for people to take a look at a brand new booklet on improving the well-being of young children with learning disabilities, and to give their feedback.

The booklet combines what is known from research with parents’ personal experiences. The family activities within the booklet have been shown to be important for supporting the well-being of children with learning disabilities.

There are four chapters in the booklet, and parents are able to use the booklet flexibly depending on what information they want to know at the time. The chapters are about:

  • How to look after yourself
  • Organising family life
  • Spending time together
  • Activities to do with my child with a learning disability at home and outside

You can download a copy of the booklet for free here.

Please tell them what you think about it here.

a_parents_guide_-improving_the_well-being_of_young_children_with_learning_disabilities.pdf (1.5 MB)