Introduction from bigdamo

Hi I am a single parent to Matias (10 years). Matias has profound physical & learning disabilities associated with Cri-du-chat syndrome. ( He is a lovely, cuddly happy child, never stops smiling & laughing. Matias attends Mabel Prichard School in Oxford. It is an excellent school, I am biased though as I am chair of governors! I am looking forward to interacting with this community and meeting many of you throughout Oxfordshire.


Hi, welcome to the forum and for sharing such useful information about your child’s condition as it is not something I have experienced.

Maybe we can put the link into information as it may help other families.

Your son sounds lovely!

Sounds like you are a very busy lady- please spread the word at Mabel Pritchard about LDOX and we look forward to sharing Mabel P news and events.