Introduction from Panther41

Hi I was at the “Just Over The Horizon” Day yesterday and learned about this New On Line Community I feel this will be a great tool for parents carers and people searching for information and activities that might be of interest.

I am thinking of using this resource with my daughters permission who moved into supported living some time ago, unfortunately none of the people she lives with are happy for various reasons and this result in a lot of incidents that are upsetting and worrying for her .

She would dearly love to move out but lack of housing is apparently a barrier at present in the meantime the behaviour where she lives is some times out of control.

She worries about this as the focus of staff should be on the people that she lives with and not dealing with the outbreaks of incidents.

It is not an appropriate place to be housed but we are working on this and the help of this site would be great.

It might be possible to find another housemate who would be suited on this forum and then perhaps find housing.

I will be asking her if I can leave some details on this site and see what the response will be

Have a great day

Thanks for the feedback about Just Over the Horizon and thanks for posting about your daughter.Maybe someone out there is looking for someone to share with elsewhere.

We can keep bringing this request back to people’s attention over the coming weeks.

Hope that your search is successful.