Hi I’m Sally I have a 12 year old only just been diagnosed with High functioning autism who is in mainstream school and has been struggling quite badly.
During the holidays we’ve been to Thomley hall and he’s gone to Guide posts which has been fantastic

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Hi Sally - I’m new on here, but read your post and just wanted to say: hang in there! My 21 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 8 years old and he struggled at mainstream school but was desperate to stay on in the same environment as his siblings. He just about managed (with a lot of help from special needs support workers) emerged at 18 with a school leaving qualification that didn’t reflect his ability, but is now in his second year at uni! When he was 12 I couldn’t imagine that this day would ever come, but you have to have faith in your child. As parents we are there to help our children make the best of whatever situation they find themselves in. I think the hardest thing is learning to (slowly!) let go and allow them to make their own choices and build their own life. This phase is just starting for you, but there are good things to come, I am sure. Good luck!

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Hi Sally, nice to hear from you.

Sorry to hear that things have been a struggle at mainstream school.

Have you had contact with Autism Family Support as they have a range of support and services for family carers and for children and young people.

We have a family member who is an adult who found mainstream school challenging but who has flourished once he was in work, so like Esther, we have found things improved as time went on.Our relative has a job- a routine office job that works for him, his own house, and a social life doing things he loves.