Investment to deliver more supported housing for those with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire

People from Oxfordshire with learning disabilities and autism will benefit from a multi-million pound investment into new supported living accommodation in the county.

The new £5 million investment from Oxfordshire County Council will go to the Resonance Supported Homes Fund (RSHF), a social impact investment fund that helps to provide accommodation for vulnerable groups, such as those with learning disabilities, on behalf of local authorities.

Supported living accommodation enables people to live in their own homes, with care and support provided on site. The fund will help to provide up to an additional 25 support living accommodation units for adults in Oxfordshire with care and support needs.

Councillor Jenny Hannaby, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, said: “Most people want to be supported to live within their communities, rather than in residential care homes, so this is great news for those adults in Oxfordshire with additional support needs who want a home of their own.

“As demand for supported living accommodation in the county continues to grow, as people live longer, it is through programmes such as this one, with RSHF, that we are able to provide the support needed. We will empower people to live the lives they want to lead, in their communities, close to their friends and families, and with as much independence as possible.”

Find out more about supported living in Oxfordshire by going to Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

Resonance Supported Homes Fund

The RSHF was launched in July 2020 and aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities, autism and mental ill health are treated fairly in society. As a social investor, RSHF is seeking tangible impacts for people that including:

  • having their own home and a degree of independence
  • control of a stable housing situation
  • an “ordinary home on an ordinary street” with the same rights and access to opportunities as all citizens
  • enhanced opportunities for work where possible and desired.

More information

  • Through the Care Act 2014, the council has a responsibility to meet the care and support needs of adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. To achieve positive outcomes the council generally supports these service users to live independently with their care needs met in their own home.
  • RSHF is an experienced social impact investment and property fund manager with a track record of delivering accommodation for vulnerable groups on behalf of local authorities.
  • Details of the Resonance Supported Homes Fund can be found here.

This was announced on 12 July 2021.