Job Opportunities for People with Learning Disabilities

Some news from My Life My Choice:

My Life My Choice (MLMC) has recently been asked by Oxfordshire County Council to inspect a range of learning disability services (e.g. supported living, respite, day services, and in-patient services) and it is expected that there will be around one inspection visit per week for 40 weeks per year. The majority, if not all of the visits, are likely to be in the geographical area of Oxfordshire. If the work proves to be successful then the number of inspections, and therefore the work opportunities, are likely to significantly increase over time.

Each monitoring visit will be carried out by an MLMC Quality Checker who will be supported by a family carer by experience. The family carers will be provided through Oxfordshire Family Support Network.

We are now looking for 6 Quality Checkers to help complete this ongoing work. All 6 of the successful candidates will have a learning disability.

You will find below links to some files which contain the full details needed to complete an application.

Skills needed Easy Read.pdf (273.7 KB) Help for Application Form Easy read.pdf (143.9 KB) Job Description Easy Read.pdf (439.0 KB) Application Form Quality Checkers Easy Read V1.docx (688.9 KB)