Mara from Italy

Good evening, I am Mara from Italy. I am 33 years old and I am a social worker.

I am unfortunately unemployed in my country so I am spending two months in Oxford to improve my knowledge of English. To be honest I really also hope to find a job in social area. I love Oxford, I feel so relaxed here!

In Italy I worked in disability area, in structures for old people and in helping children with learning difficulty. That’s why I am pleased to join this group!

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I will appreciate your corrections. Thanks. Mara

Hi @Mara2015italy. Welcome! Good luck with your job hunt. The Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers @OACP may know of some employers in the social field looking for staff. A list of their member organisations, with links to their websites, can be found at:

If you are considering volunteering opportunities then we might be able to help one another. Have a look at:

We have opportunities in Oxford both in the daytime and in the evenings. With two excellent language schools next door too!

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Hi Mara, welcome to our forum!

I hope that people reading this will get in touch and offer some great opportunities to you.

I hope you got the messages OK from the moderators.

I really thank for your help. Now I will spend my last week in England and then I will go back to Italy but I hope to move to Oxford because I like this city and its friendly people… I will continue to look for a job here without doubt… Maybe my dream will became my new life!

Hi @Mara2015italy

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