Meeting New People in Oxford

Hi. I live in Oxford and really would like to link up with smaller groups. I know about Mates and Dates and the groups they run. I have tried them but too many people for me to enjoy. I am female 30 years of age and would just love to meet other people in a calm and quiet environment.

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Hi. I’m aware that there is a service run by the County Council which specialises in connecting people with learning disabilities with activities they might be interested in within their local community. I wonder if they could help you to find some smaller groups to link up with. I don’t know how one accesses the service but hopefully some else will know!

I have though emailed someone from the service asking them to tell us more about it. It might be a useful service for a number of people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire.

If you have an ASD diagnosis there is Oxford Aspies meeting at a pub in Oxford where they have their own room.

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Thanks that’s useful to know.

Is there anything in the North of the County?

I’ve heard back from my contact at Oxfordshire County Council. They’ve said that you could ask your Care Manager or another member of the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities for a referral to the Community Connections Project. I understand that they have 3 people across Oxfordshire who are working on supporting people with learning disabilities to connect to local community activities.

Another useful place to find local community activities where you can meet people is the Streelife community network. It can be found at

I’ve been watching it for a few months now and there are some interesting activities, which I suspect would be welcoming of people with learning disabilities.

For example, there is a local group which meets monthly in Headington. They give the following description of their activities: “We are a friendly group and enjoy putting the world to rights as well as having a good laugh over a cup of coffee. The group also have craft afternoons, DVD nights, trips to the cinema, regularly meet at Cafe Bonjour and are working towards an annual fund raiser.”

Here are a couple of threads where they discuss it:

Another thread shows how friendly they’ve become:

Like most social networks it will be a case of watching it, and getting in touch with the people involved if you see something interesting.

Hi there,
Are you registered with a Learning Disability Team and have you got a care manager?

Thanks will wait to hear

Hi anonymous12,

Thank you for your post. I’d be interested to know if you find anything you like. I support a female who is about your age and has exactly the same wish to meet other people in a calm and quiet environment. She had the same experience as you with Mates n Dates.

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Thank you for your response. Could they arrange to meet?

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Sorry, I’m new to forums and where the posts go and missed this message. I am grateful that it was pointed out to me and I apologise for leaving you so long without a reply.

I think it would be a very nice idea to meet. Maybe it will be the start of a new quiet sociable group!

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Brill. Can I contact you next week? I’m away in Cornwall and the Internet reception is not good. Kind regards.

If we are thinking about meeting up one late afternoon somewhere, we could manage most days except Tuesdays. Fridays are good.

Any suggestions for where to meet? Some nice and light and quiet?

All the best,