My daughter has been recently diagnosed with autism

hi my name is penny I have a 13 yr old girl and I have recently got told they think she has high functioning autism and I don’t no much about it can ppl help tp tell what it is plz!!!

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I’m hoping some members with more experience around people with autism will answer your post. In the meantime here are some links to some information that you might find useful:

Autism Family Support Oxfordshire

Autism Family Support Oxfordshire @AFSO is a local charity which aims to support the therapeutic education, development, and wellbeing of children and young adults on the autism spectrum in Oxfordshire.

Autism Oxford

Is another local organisation which offers information, useful ideas and contacts for people in the Oxfordshire area.

The National Autistic Society

Is a major national organisation working in the area. They have a page on their website which specifically is about autism. It can be found here:

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