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Hi I work with learning disabilities and my main reason for joining was to learn more about life experiences and what activities are available in the area.

Welcome @Fairybell

How long have you been working with people with learning disabilities?

Since I’ve been involved with LDOX I have really been amazed about the range of different activities that are aimed at people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire and I’m sure that there are any more things I haven’t heard about or that haven’t been posted on LDOX.

What are the interests of the people you work with? Are they looking for any particular types of activities?

Please do explore the past posts on the forum. There may be some things of interest. I’m sure lots more things will be posted in the weeks, months and years ahead!

Please just ask if there is anything you’d like to know.

Welcome to the forum, Fairybell. There’s lots going in Oxfordshire, so we hope that you find it a useful forum. If you look at the Directory section, there are listings of organisations and activities in Oxfordshire,Feel free to post any questions or share experiences.