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Hi just joined. I have a little boy with gdd and autism. He is non-verbal although he is now starting to say a few sounds. He is five and goes to a special needs school. We live near chipping norton in Oxfordshire. I have joined for advice, support and ideas.

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Welcome @Lisaw1180. Thanks for introducing yourself. It also sounds as if you’ve got lots of experience you could share! Please do post if you’re looking for something in particular, or if you just want to let off steam!

Please also take your time to explore both the forum and our associated website at You might find some of the items in the directory there useful.

Welcome, Lisa! My advice: find a friend who lives locally to you - someone with whom you have an affinity (a member of this forum would be ideal, is there anyone reading this who lives in Chipping Norton?)

The best support you can have in your continuing journey as a mother is someone who you feel understands your position, and who you would not hesitate to call on whenever you felt the need to share your life! Ideally she (or he) would feel the same. But (imho) someone’s physical presence is a big factor if you are to get the full benefit available to you in terms of advice, support and ideas.

Unfortunately I live in Didcot, much too far away to offer you anything but advice, and over the internet at that! But here’s an idea: might there be a support group for parents such as yourself run locally through Home Start? (The charity that supports families with children aged under five - if you have another child under five you can self refer and would be eligible for support.)
Or start one yourself by putting up a notice in the library! Good luck! Xx

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