NHS 10 year Plan- Consultation

Your chance to influence what the 10 Year plan should contain!

What should the NHS be like in 10 years for people with learning disability, autism or both?
18 September at 4pm

Mary Busk and Dr Roger Banks
Similar webinar with specific focus on autism
17 September 1pm

Sharon Lamont, Carl Shaw and Sarah Jackson

If neither of these is suitable, people can also take part online up to 30 September at www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/developing-the-long-term-plan-for-the-nhs. This survey was created for the whole of the NHS 10 year plan. It asks you to fill in a page saying which part of England you are from, and if taking part as a member of the public, group or organisation. You can then choose which sections of the NHS plan you would like to comment on. This provides an opportunity to say how other mainstream services can help address health inequalities and ensure that people have the right access to services that support good health at every stage of their lives. The learning disability and autism section has two questions, which are:
NHS England Long Term Plan: people with learning disability, autism or both webinar with Roger Banks…