Oxfordshire transport service - The Oxfordshire Comet

The Oxfordshire Comet is a not-for-profit service, set up by Oxfordshire County Council to allow people without suitable access to public transport to make the journeys they want.

The Oxfordshire Comet can be booked for any type of trip. Whether it’s to meet friends in town, travel across the county, attend an appointment or pop to the shops. The service is available 10am - 2pm Monday to Friday (not bank holidays).

It’s easy to book, with a pre-paid account that can be set up on the phone.

The Oxfordshire Comet uses vehicles that normally take children to school and adults to day care centres. Oxfordshire County Council identified the times of the day when they weren’t being used and are making them available to you so that you can make the journeys you want. Because they already own these vehicles, they only have to cover running costs, meaning they can keep costs down for their passengers.

Who is it for?

Oxfordshire residents who don’t have access to suitable public transport, wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.

It can be booked by

  • individuals
  • groups
  • schools
  • organisations
  • local communities.

For more details, visit