Parent and Changing Places campaigner

Hi, I’m Karen from Wantage.
I’m Mum to three children (aged 14, 12 & 9). My eldest has cerebral palsy and is a full time wheelchair user.
Two years ago, my daughter had spinal surgery. It is now no longer safe for us to manually lift her onto the loo and she is reliant on “Changing Places” to be able to get out and enjoy life.
Changing Places are spacious accessible loos with enough room for a large wheelchair and two carers. They also contain some specific equipment; an adult sized changing bench, a hoist, a toilet and a sink.
When I started campaigning for Changing Places there were only 4 registered toilets in the whole of Oxfordshire. We now have 7 registered on “the map” plus a further 3 I’m trying to get listed. There are a couple of places with facilities which do not meet the specification to qualify for “changing places” but they still have better facilities than most. And… there’s more coming!
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I will try to post new information on here too, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Thanks Karen for posting on here and well done for your campaigning efforts that will make such a difference to the lives of severely disabled people in the county. We look forward to hearing your updates.

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