Parents Talking Asperger's - New Service Launch - PTA Arts (OX17)

Voluntary autism support group Parents Talking Asperger’s is launching a new service.

PTA Arts will take place next Saturday morning, once a month at our PTA HQ (The Baptist Centre, 22a Queen Street, Middleton Cheney, OX17 2NP) and the first one will be held on SATURDAY 13TH JANUARY 10am – 12.00 and then once a month going forward.

There will be…
Art Zone - Painting, sketching, colouring, crafts, etc. - topics such as 'Create a super hero for Autism’
Craft Zone - Up Cycling, tee-shirt decorating, lots more.
Writing Zone - Poetry, story-writing, word games, etc.
Entry: £2 per person Age range: Ideally Year 6 upwards but there is a degree of flexibility. Parents will be welcome to stay to chat over refreshments too…

About PTA
PTA is a Christian faith-based group headquartered from The Baptist Centre, Middleton Cheney, near Banbury, Oxfordshire, and supports nearly 2,000 families locally in person and by phone; nationwide and overseas, online. Services include PTA Junior (nursery to age 10); PTA Youth (for children and young people aged 11 upwards) and Siblings Talking Asperger’s, a social group and Facebook page for siblings of children and young people with autism. In January 2018, alongside second location PTA Witney, PTA launches two new monthly activity sessions at its headquarters near Banbury: PTA Girls and PTA Arts.