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I am looking for a piano teacher who would come to our house to give lessons to my 28 year old son who has autism and a learning disability. 5 miles from Oxford. Does anyone have any recommendations please? TIA

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Hi Ali1

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I’m hoping that some of our members will come forward with some suggestions. While I don’t know anyone personally, two organisations I can think of in Oxfordshire that may know someone are Soundabout (unfortunately their website seems to be down today) and The Music Club which is based in the South of the County.

I have tag a couple of members from Soundabout into this post so hopefully they will respond.

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We have had the following suggestion on our Facebook page:

It would definitely be worth calling Oxfordshire County Music Service to see if they have a recommendation.

Many thanks :grinning:

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Thank you, will try them later :grinning: