Planning Ahead – All About Me - OXFSN Resource

OxFSN have developed a practical ‘Planning Ahead – All About Me Folder’ to help family carers pull together all the key information about their relative. Depending on where you are at in your planning journey and the current living circumstances of your relative, the folder can be used in different ways.

  • It can provide key information about your relative to someone who has to step in to provide support in an emergency if your relative is still living at home.
  • For families starting to plan ahead for where their relative may live in the future, it will provide the tools to help them think about where that may be and what level of support they may need.
  • If your relative is already in supported living, it can include information that a relative or trusted other will need to know if they become the main contact.

Full details can be forum here (make sure you scroll down the page to see the full resource):