Soundabout is looking for a new home

Mark Smyth from Soundabout has put out the following appeal:

"I am writing to their friends, colleagues and partners to inform them that Soundabout is looking for a new home. We have to give up our base at Wornal Park, Worminghall as from September 2017.

I hope that everyone who receives this letter will know about our charity that has worked in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire for over 20 years. Just in case you have not;

Soundabout works with staff¬ in special needs settings, training them in the use of interactive musical techniques as a tool for developing communication skills for those with profound and multiple learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder. We also provide community sessions for children, young people and adults with their parents and carers giving ideas and techniques for interactive musical play. Our work promotes self-expression and interaction, encourages well-being and builds relationships as well as providing the framework for substantial opportunities for learning.

Whilst this is a sad moment moving from a home we have had for five years, it is also exciting to think what possibilities are out there. If you know of venues that are crying out to be filled with music, learning and support for people with severe disabilities and their families then please let me know. Equally, if you know of office hubs that can support our office team while we seek out partnerships and venues to support our charitable activity, then please let me know. We currently use an office space for 5 people, a music/training room and a storage area but are open to ideas and different configurations.

If you think, you can point us in the right direction then please contact me by email: or contact me on 07740 675098."

Dear Mark,

Congratulation for your job. Very important and necessary with SEN and Autistic Children. I will love to do something with my flamenco dance for this children. If you have any idea, I am open to learn.

I sent the information to my friends. One of my friend is studying to be a Minister and he is working in a church in Headington and he is from Oxford and have many friends. The other friend is a business person and he also have good relation with many people. If they give me any information I will let you know it.

Good Luck.

All the best,