This week with Soundabout 16-20 August 2022

Soundabout’s new Equity Group offers fortnightly sessions for members of Soundabout’s Inclusive Choirs with profound and multiple learning disabilities. On Tuesdays, our Choir Director Emma will host sessions on Zoom, focusing on the same songs as the main choir sessions, but exploring them in a more tailored way.

The group is open to members across any of the Soundabout Inclusive Choirs, of any age. If someone is not yet a choir member but would like to join the Equity Group to start accessing choirs, this is also very welcome!

Please contact Hollie, Family Support Coordinator, for more information and booking - or 07951 28997

We hope you enjoy what we have going on at Soundabout this week! If you would like to donate to help us keep these sessions going, please do so here:!/