TranseND study: Transition in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

TranseND study: Transition in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Jo Van Herwegen, Maria Ashworth & Olympia Palikara

Aims of study
This study examines transition from primary to secondary school in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Comparisons between Autism, Williams syndrome, and Down syndrome allow insight into the unique and shared challenges and opportunities in relation to children’s transitions.

Why is this important?
Using a novel approach by triangulating the views from parents, professionals, as well as children’s own voices, their cognitive abilities, and mental health outcomes, this study allows for the development of informed guidelines to support school transitions in these populations.

Who can take part in this study?
Children with Autism, Williams syndrome or Down syndrome (as well as their parents, and their professionals) who are currently in their final year at primary school and move to a new secondary school in September 2018

What does taking part entail?
Children will take part in two online assessments and a short online interview (in Spring 2018 and again in Autumn 2018). Parents and professionals are asked to complete some questionnaires and to take part in a short interview.

Who to contact?
Maria Ashworth: