Virtual KEEN sessions 13th - 19th April 2020

KEEN are now offering virtual online sessions. The evening before an online session, they will send a link to everyone who signed up for that session. This will be specific to a session (for example, Sunday Yoga will have its’ own link). Clicking on this link when the session is scheduled to start will allow you to join in the Zoom call, and thus join the session.

The online, virtual sessions will take place on Zoom.You can find guidance on how to create a Zoom account here.

You can sign up here:

Virtual KEEN 13th - 19th April

Monday 13th April 2:30 - 3pm KEEN Chat rooms (under 15s)

Monday 13th April 5:30-6pm GrEAT Chat rooms (15+)

Tuesday 14th April 2:30 - 3pm Drama Workshop

Wednesday 15th April 2:30 - 3pm Movement & Exercise

Thursday 16th April 2:30 - 3pm GrEAT Choir (15+)

Thursday 16th April 5:30 - 6pm KEEN choir (under 15s)

Friday 17th 2.30 - 3pm Cheerleading and Dance

Friday 17th 5.30 - 6pm Crafty session

Saturday 18th 5.30 - 6pm GrEAT Quiz (15+)

Sunday 19th April 4 - 4:30pm Yoga session