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Hi, My name is Michelle I have been working with children and adults with learning disabilities and autism since I left school in 1995 and have now set up learning disability service that will be launching in August call 'Let’s Go-Oxon and website will be up and running by next Monday. I have set up another company in the past in Oxford and that is still carry on and doing some great work. Let’s Go-Oxon is base in Merton near Bicester and Oxford.

Having speech impairment and specfic learning disability dylexia meant that I had special needs statement when I was a child and went to special needs school. School was good to me and I am please that school gave me the skills I needed for the real world. I found work in care field as I done voluntary work coaching sports and since then I have worked in many places and settings. My disability never held me back and I always push myself but I had support from volunteers, family and friends.

I am passionate person and believe that everybody got the right to live their life how they want to no matter what disability you have and why I have been working in the field for 20 years. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else now.

This site is great and it about time we had something for this and last year when I heard about it at the conference I was delighted so keep up good work.

Take care and speak soon.


Let’s Go!-Oxon starting 3rd August 2015 website coming soon


That sounds really exciting Michelle about Lets Go! Oxon, Thank you for such great encouragement about this site and I totally agree with you thoughts about people being able to live the life they choose regardless of disability.

Please let us know about any events to share with the forum and give us a link when the new website is up and running so we can signpost people to you and please spread the word about the LDOX forum…
Thanks very much.

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Thanks, it is my pleasure to share my story and also tell you about Let’s Go. I am just finalising some points and once done will share and put in directory and we will be having Drop In sessions every week in the afternoons and will put these in events. I am also thinking of doing some sport and fitness days on the weekend at our venue and in some local parks again I will signpost these in events.

There will be something for everybody.

Thanks again.