Looking for a PA

I dont know what to do!!! I need a PA for myself, and other than Trust On Tap, i dont know where to go to find one.

The support I need is quite bespoke, and not a steritypical ‘carer’ role.

Please help!


Do you have your funding sorted to pay for the support you need?
If not, you may find this link useful:

Here is a link to some organisations that can support you with the process of managing a direct payment and employing a personal assistant.


Oxfordshire Family Support Network might be able to give you some advice. Here is a link to their website


Hopefully, some of our other members will be able to share their experiences.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Yes, I have 8 hours.

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Another suggestion is to contact Autism Oxford

They have a Peer Support Service which you might be able to access.

Please let us know how it goes.

There is also: Small Good Stuff | A free directory of community micro-enterprises who offer care and support locally
If you have less then £23,250 in savings, you could contact Adult Social Care for a financial and Care Act assessment, although, they have an extensive waiting list and not much funding available for care.
You can also look at: Hiring a personal assistant | Oxfordshire County Council
for advice and guidelines.