Looking for support with a health issue

Hello my name is Geri. My son is 29 and has Downs. I just need help with a health issue.

I sent an email 2 days ago explaining what the problem is and i think i have had a reply. I can see the name Rowena but can’t open the actual reply.

I’m still pretty hopeless computer wise. This was on my tablet last night, I am on my desktop now but still can’t find it.


Kindest Regards


Hi Geri

Thanks for posting. We haven’t seen your email here on our LDOX.Org forum, however it sounds like you may have an issue that some members here might be able to help you with.

Perhaps you could tell us a little more about the health issues and what help you’re hoping for.

Hopefully someone can help. Lots of our forum members have experience around health and people with learning disabilities.

Best wishes


Hi Geri, hope that you have found the responses but if not, do try again.People always have the option to post anonymously too by clicking on the icon with your initial and it gives a little menu to post anonymously.There is an icon with a man with a hat on.

Hello.I think there may have been a problem this end regarding the email. I have since spoken to Rowena about my son’s health problem.

In short he has had a black mark on his left big toenail. One GP said he thought it was trauma to the nail. Another GP looked at it through a magnifying lens and said he didn’t think it was trauma.

In the meantime of course i had worked myself up into a complete state and was convinced it was a melanoma. Rowena was very calm and reassuring. Photos had been sent to Dermatology and they requested to see my son. Appointment made two weeks ago for Friday. The longest two weeks ever.

However we went to the Churchill on Friday and the Consultant and Surgeon looked at the toe and decided that it was a Subungual Haematoma. I am so happy that it wasn’t cancerous. Also though felt very humble and sad as there must have been patients there that were not going home with good news. They want to see my son again in 3 months just to check that the nail is growing out properly.

Sorry to ramble on for so long.

Best Wishes to you all. XX

So pleased that you were able to get the re-assurance you need and what is more that they are following your son up.I am sure doctors would always prefer to check and re-assure than see a patient who has delayed because of fear of wasting doctors time.

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