New here - child with autism

Hi I’m Tina. I have five children, three grown up and two daughters 11 and 10 years. My 11 year old has autism and hyperkinetic disorder, ocd and lots of sensory issues. I am her carer and would love to know where I can take her for sensory therapy sessions and if anyone can recommend places to take her on holiday breaks.

Hi Tina,

Has your daughter ever seen an occupational therapist? I would ask your doctor about being referred if not; they can help with any sensory input :slight_smile:

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Hi Tina

You might find this useful:

@AFSO Autism Family Support Oxfordshire have a number of resources which you might find useful. These include a regular mail out which is packed with useful information. You can get onto it if you follow the instructions on their contact page:

There may also be some things in the LDOX Directory which you might find useful: