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I am life coach and have 20 years working with people with learning disabilities and autism in Oxfordshire.

My new service within my coaching company is aim at people who want to excel in life including getting work and running their own business. I found when I was running day service that there was a lot of parents who wanted a service we didn’t offer and that was coaching. Helping people to get work or creating their own work.

I am great believer in that if you can’t get a job you can do something. I want to work and challenge local businesses to take on people with LD and Autism/Asperger because we all have skills and talents.

My service will include the following

  • Workshops - these will be fun, social and include lots of different life subjects including mock interviews and job skills and social skills.

  • Social Enterprise - Yes running their own business. I am not going to choose a business for them the whole idea is that people work together and come to agreement of what type of business, how will it run, how much money do they need, what will they need etc. The whole idea is mad I know but I want people to experience what it like to run their own business and get the rewards for it. Much of the time we without disability just take charge but here we will support.

One to One Coaching - I want to offer my coaching skills to people. Each person who attend the program will recieve one to one coaching with myself. We will look at their personal goals and make a action plan.

I want to work with parents and support staff to make sure that each person goals are taken serious and that we work in partnership to make their goal happen.

My coaching style is very different to others and I will bring all my care experience with me. I am looking forward to run this project.

For more information please note that I am launching this project in the new year but I am now taking appointments so if you are wanting a appointment please contact me.
Michelle Townsend (this is my main site which is being updated please contact me if you have any questions)

Hi Michelle,

I’ve updated your website address and email address here as it contained a typo. I hope this helps people find details of your service!

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The listing is now also in the directory on the website:

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