Hello I'm New

Hi a friend has just told me about this Group, I have worked in the Care Profession for many years, I’m a singer songwriter Guitarist who believes in Music Therapy and have enjoyed some Magical moments.
In my social life since meeting my friend who has Aspergers I’ve discovered I share quite a few traits too, Anyway this group sounds interesting and I hope I can help my friend find support …Such as finding work and building confidence and social circle.
We are both Musical and enjoy jamming on many different instruments, Dabbling with Computer Music Software, Open Mic nights and Camping at Local Music Festivals.

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Welcome @SarahGuitar.

What sort of work is your friend looking for? We had an earlier thread here which I thought looked interesting. Naturally I don’t know if it would be relevant for your friend. Take a look here:

How do you think our members here could help with building your friend’s social circle? Social opportunities seem to be a really important issue which are coming up here on LDOX.Org Here are two other threads where it has been discussed recently:


Hi Neil thanks for your reply, I know the keen young man who wants to go to
a football match (its a small world) He is the friend who’s Mum told me
about this site, And he is also interested in the I.T for young people who
are Autistic :slight_smile:

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That is great! It is indeed a small world.

If we can help with the employment issues and/or building the social circles please do let us know!

Our community is growing and with each new member, new opportunities arrive. We also have a large following on Facebook and Twitter than we can tap into to further increase the opportunities.

Hi, welcome to the forum. The work you are doing sounds fascinating and will create much-needed opportunities for young people on the autistic spectrum.

Looking forward to hearing more from you about this work and all the other interesting things you do.

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